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Milo Openshaw

 Milo Openshaw (he/him) is the opions editor for The Front winter '22. He's a junior majoring in creative writing with a teaching endorsement. This year he will read 60 books and write at least one.

You can reach him at or you can find him on Instagram @miloohno if you want to see him. Or don't. (I wouldn't recommend it.)

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Letter from the editor: 6/15

I’ve been self-conscious about my art ever since I was a kid. My parents sent me to art classes when I was really little, but I fell out of the art scene after that, around the time when I became too shy to share what I created. I wondered if I was “good enough.” And what happens if I’m not good enough? Will people laugh at me? Could my ego take a hit like that? The answer is that nobody is “good enough.” An artist who paints in the classical style and an artist who arranges junk into an abstract sculpture have the same chance of success, because there is no good or bad art. There is subjectivity and open-mindedness, but no set standards.

Rising review - 1 of 1

Mxmtoon’s album Rising releases just in time for summer

Mxmtoon’s newest album, “rising”, is all about growing up and the pain that comes with it. She tackles nostalgia, “growing pains” and even dancing around your room singing along to your favorite song. The album is a great juxtaposition of childhood whimsy and bittersweet thoughtfulness. 

American gurl review - 1 of 1

Review of Kilo Kish’s newest album, American Gurl

American Gurl may be Kilo Kish’s third album and the first time I heard of her, but she has been in the music scene for years, collaborating with artists like Gorillaz and Childish Gambino. Actually, I might not have recognized her solo work at all if Spotify’s algorithm hadn’t recommended her album to me, and I took a listen on a whim.

bronco music review

Review of Bronco by Orville Peck

Orville Peck, the king of the cowboy masquerade, is back with another incredible album. Bronco, released April 8, 2022, is one of the best albums released in the past year. Every time I play it, my friends roll their eyes. “It’s country music,” they say. 

Letter from the Editor Week 2/6

Letter from the editor | Feb. 6

 “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind is a book about a serial killer who is motivated by his acute sense of smell to try to create the ultimate perfume that will make everyone fall in love with him. All serial killers are incels – yes, we know this – but why perfume?  

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