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Western has yet to hire Black counselors requested by the BSO in June 2020

The BSO sees the provision of mental health for Black students as an area where the university has fallen short By Jacob O’Donnell Please Note: We only include phonetic spellings by request of the source.  The Black Student Organization feels that Western Washington...

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Local beer helps local salmon

Aslan’s new IPA is certified by Salmon-Safe Sammy the Salmon, the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association’s mascot, holds up a six-pack of Aslan Brewing Co.’s Fish Have Feelings IPA. The IPA was re-released in April in celebration of Earth Month. // Photo...


Dos and don’ts for beginner sea kayakers

Experienced Bellingham kayakers give advice By Talus Lantz Making waves at Western is something students do in many ways — including by taking up sea kayaking.  There are a lot of factors to consider before going out on your first sea kayaking adventure....


Body Neutrality: learning to accept your body as it is

Social media has been shown to affect body image and self-acceptance, body neutrality offers a new way to look at yourself and your worth By Torie Wold The journey of self-acceptance is a long one for most. With the rise of social...

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