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WWU’s 1996 coaching staff which included Shaw (bottom row, fourth from left) // Photo courtesy of WWU Athletics

Best sports memories from notable Bellingham figures

Stanford’s David Shaw, others recall favorite Bellingham moments. WWU’s 1996 coaching staff which included Shaw...

Update on former students’ lawsuit against university

More details about the Whatcom County Superior Court decision and Western’s response A photo of Old Main...
Up-and-coming local artist Chelsea Graham completed the piece on Oct. 6. The mural is located at 200 W Holly St, right outside Third Planet. // Photo by Chelsea Graham

New mural brightens Bellingham’s downtown

Chelsea Graham began painting on Oct. 3, only stopping to eat and sleep  Up-and-coming local artist...


We’re hiring for Winter 2021

The Western Front Hi everyone! I’m Izzie Lund, and I will be The Western Front’s winter quarter editor-in-chief. My managing editor, Kaleigh Carroll, and I are thrilled for winter quarter and...

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Whatcom County Council reviews plans to regulate Cherry Point Refineries

Environmental activists, union workers, industry representatives collaborate on the plan.  A train carrying oil passes through Ferndale, WA near Portal Way in 2017. This is an example of the type of fossil fuel...


Storied history drive Whatcom county’s biggest rivalries

Lynden-Lynden Christian, Western-Central highlight biggest rivalries in Whatcom County The crowd was packed before last year’s Lynden-Lynden Christian girls basketball matchup Photo: Brian Roper By Jordan Stone


Save money and the planet by air-drying clothes

Options for indoor drying systems include drying racks, pre-bought clotheslines or more DIY options Sadie Fick’s laundry line strung up underneath her loft bed. // Photo by Sadie Fick. By...

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