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Generic zoom photo

Zoom bombing halts Shred the Contract meeting

Tougher security will help stop future zoom bombings Generic zoom photo By Nathan Schumock
WWU’s 1996 coaching staff which included Shaw (bottom row, fourth from left) // Photo courtesy of WWU Athletics

Best sports memories from notable Bellingham figures

Stanford’s David Shaw, others recall favorite Bellingham moments. WWU’s 1996 coaching staff which included Shaw...
Local ingredients at Clara’s Canning Co. Photo by Ona Lee;

Holiday shopping could make or break small business during the pandemic

A gift guide to popular Bellingham businesses Local ingredients at Clara’s Canning Co. Photo by Ona Lee;


Western students save $44.79 on student fees

Board of Trustees pass 7.5% reduction for winter 2021, less than fall 2020 11.4% reduction  Students will save $44.79 on winter 2021 student fees. Pictured is a chart showing the original student fees...

City & County

Whatcom County organizations continue their food drive and Thanksgiving meal services with new COVID-19 procedures

Thanksgiving meal services and food drives change their protocols to ensure that volunteers and guests are as safe as possible CAST volunteers hand out food in front of the Bellingham Public Library where...


Storied history drive Whatcom county’s biggest rivalries

Lynden-Lynden Christian, Western-Central highlight biggest rivalries in Whatcom County The crowd was packed before last year’s Lynden-Lynden Christian girls basketball matchup Photo: Brian Roper By Jordan Stone


Work on changing systems instead of yourself

Clothes dryers in WWU’s Birnam Wood main laundry room.  // Photo by Sadie Fick By Sadie Fick There’s a reason the wealthiest countries and people in the world contribute the most...

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