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Put down the phone when you are going to bed

You’ve just finished studying for a stressful exam, and you need to get to sleep for an early wake up the next morning. After preparing for bed, you check your phone. You later realize that you’ve just wasted an hour or two you could have spent sleeping by watching online videos and scrolling through social media. 


We need to address antisemitism at Western

Chava Spokoiny, a second-year student at Western, was in the VU on Jan. 18 with friends, working on a Holocaust remembrance project, when a man approached them and made antisemitic statements, according to University Police reports. 


A Swift game night

The Swifties of Western Washington University, an official club dedicated to Taylor Swift and her music, hosted a game night on March 1.  



A clearcut debate?

The often competing interests of the Department of Natural Resources and environmental activists have set the stage for some of the most dramatic conflicts in the sphere of environmental protest. A majority of timber sales don’t receive local or even global attention.  


Sports Recreation


Western figure skating club: Empowering through competition

As their last competition for the season, Western Washington University's figure skating club will be participating in the 2023 Ride the Tide in San Diego, California, March 11-12. With the competition closing in, members of the club prepare their programs and master their skills hoping for a positive outcome. 


Fish food, beer: The Iron Fly Showdown

Anglers and fly fish enthusiasts gathered at Goods Local Brews to create the most attention-grabbing fly for fish to bite in Bellingham, Wash. on Feb. 16. The Iron Fly Showdown brought anglers from all over Whatcom County for the first fly-tying event hosted by North Sound Trout Unlimited. 


The ascension of Seattle basketball

Jamal Crawford’s CrawsOver Pro-Am, headlined by LeBron James and Jayson Tatum, shut down mid-game due to humidity issues caused by the amount of people packed in Seattle Pacific University’s Royal Brougham Pavilion on Aug. 20, 2022.


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OPINION: 'Queer' is an empowerment

The year is 2009, and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” blasts from the radio. My friend and I are listening to the song, blissfully unaware of the innuendo that is cherry chapstick. 

The Setonian

Response to the "We need to change the stigma around sexual assault" column

The assertion that Bellingham is an intolerant liberal echo chamber is made often, and it can be valid – but more realistically, many members of the Bellingham community feel that they cannot speak against social warriors. The silent majority of Western students are not committed to the brand of social justice that some Western students are selling. 

The Setonian

Response to "We need to change the stigma around sexual assault" column

Addressing the topic of sexual assault in an ethical and comprehensive manner requires diligence, empathy, sensitivity, courage and nuance. It is a difficult topic for anyone to write about. As a disclaimer, my perspective on the recent opinion piece is inevitably informed by my personal experience. I am fortunate: I have not experienced sexual assault.


OPINION: Antisemitism is on the rise; Western needs to fight back

On the week of Oct. 20, two antisemitic displays were found on the “free speech” board in the Viking Union. The first depicted an antisemitic caricature, and the second was the Nazi dog whistle “1488.” This understandably affected the Jewish student body at Western Washington University, and unfortunately, this kind of antisemitism is nothing new in our culture or at WWU.

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