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Heritage Dinner - 1 of 2

Dinner and a show

Western Washington University’s Ethnic Student Center clubs are hosting Heritage Dinners, which are end of the year celebrations filled with food, performances and other forms of entertainment varying based on the club to build and celebrate their communities.

Climate Action Club - 1 of 1

Students for Climate Action pledges local grassroots activism

Climate activism at Western Washington University has opened a new front with the founding of the Students for Climate Action. Holding its first meeting on May 6, the club seeks to use direct action and demonstrations to advocate for greater environmental protection and defense against climate change.

Theatre workshops - 1 of 3

Western student leads anti-white supremacy theatre workshops

As the end of the school year approaches, students in the Honors College are working to complete their capstone projects.  Third-year Western Washington University student Aidyn Stevens has facilitated workshops for her Honors College and Theatre capstone project.  Stevens conducted a series of workshops with the intent to use theatre as a method to address how white supremacist culture in predominantly white institutions marginalizes students. 


Gardening Story - 1 of 1

The 'spot' for Bellingham’s backyard gardeners

When Rick Baunach bought his second home, he found a concrete Japanese lantern in the garden, he calls this his Japanese garden seed. He became interested in Japanese gardening techniques and his love of gardening grew.  Baunach started the Whatcom County Gardener’s page on Facebook nine years ago, the page has since expanded to over 10,000 members

Homeless families - 1 of 1

Number of Whatcom County families waiting for housing has more than tripled since 2019

Six years ago, when Teri Bryant started working at the Whatcom Homeless Service Center, she said Whatcom County’s system to help homeless families was close to functional zero, but now the story is different.  “What [functional zero] means is that your system's resources are adequate to immediately serve every person presenting for services,” Bryant said. “So we would have robust resources for every family that comes in and says they’re homeless.” 


Otherside Bagel Co. - 1 of 2

Grand opening of new bagel shop downtown Bellingham

Owners Nate Gray and Bayly Peterson have planned on opening a bagel shop for two years. With the renovations of the building near complete, there will not only be one but two bagel shops located in downtown Bellingham.  Bellingham locals are known to love and support their cafes, restaurants, breweries, and bakeries. Otherside's opening has the community excited and eager to try out everything they have to offer. 

Rally for Roe - 2 of 4

VIDEO: On the ground at the Rally for Roe

On the evening of Tuesday, May 3, hundreds of protestors gathered around the Whatcom County courthouse to advocate for abortion rights. Reporter Bella Neff takes to the streets to speak with protesters about their feelings on the United States Supreme Court draft opinion released to the public via Politico, which affirms support to overturn the landmark case, Roe v. Wade. 

Sports Recreation

outside competitor perspective - 1 of 1

An outside competitor’s perspective of Western

Many things come to mind when thinking of Western Washington University. The cold weather, the unique art on campus, or the endless amount of Breweries and tattoo shops you can find around every corner of downtown. Seth Keeney, a senior track & field athlete at Evergreen State College was able to get a taste of what life in Bellingham is like while competing at a track event.


Feet Opinion - 1 of 1

Barefoot is better

What dogs, you ask? Yes. I’m talking about feet. Oh, I’ve heard it all before. “You gonna charge for that?” “Put those dogs back where they belong!” And still, despite the backlash, I’d choose to roam barefoot over wearing a pair of sad old Converse any day.

Fairhaven Tunnel Graffiti - 1 of 4

Vandalism or art?

A short, low tunnel surrounded by greenery welcomes you to Fairhaven College and its dorms. Its walls painted with layers and layers of gray paint from years of battling graffiti.  Visitors often see spray-painted or sharpied images and words on the walls. The graffiti is usually covered up the next day, but artist retaliation is consistent. 

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