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OPINION: E-books outweigh paper books

When I was younger, I read books as often as I could. I used to love going to Barnes and Noble and bargaining with my mom on how many books I could buy – completely ignoring her comments on the dozens of books in my room that I hadn’t read yet.  

Guide to Using an Erg

OPINION: A coxswain’s guide on how to correctly use a rowing machine

On the second floor of Western Washington University’s Wade King Recreation Center, tucked away in a corner surrounded by large windows, sit three Concept 2 Rowing Machines. Maybe you’ve tried using them or maybe they’ve appeared intimidating until now, but after reading this article I hope you’ll be inspired to give them a go. 

Mount Baker Theater

OPINION: Your biggest fears hide in valuable stories

For some, horror comes once a year, arriving in October alongside yellowing leaves and a sharp breeze. Others keep the macabre close all year long, watching scary movies in their free time and flipping through the pages of a horror novel while drinking their morning coffee.  

brandon sanderson 1

OPINION: Brandon Sanderson, the king of fantasy

It’s hard not to feel a sense of adventure when reading of steel singing against steel, horse hooves squelching in a muddy charge. Fantasy encapsulates adventure. It throws you into a new world with concepts to uncover and fresh characters to discover. 

Saltburn v Ripley

OPINION: 'Saltburn' vs 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'

In early December, my roommates and I decided to watch the movie “Saltburn” in theaters. After we endured the infamous nude dancing scene and the credits rolled, my roommate Olivia stood up and said disappointedly, “that movie was literally ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ but worse.” 


OPINION: You’re looking at rejection all wrong

“We regret to inform you that your story just isn’t the right fit for us.” As a writer, I rejoice and celebrate in the wake of this declaration. I feel blasphemous saying this. I’ve received more than enough of these rejections, and every time, I get that heart-dropping disappointment I’m sure everyone else shares. 

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