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Shaina Yaranon Ellis Thomson

What do you think of the Rec Center's dress code that prohibits people from exposing their midriff in gym spaces?

Ian Belicina, Senior

"With kids walking around sometimes, it makes sense. But it’s definitely not fair to everyone. I’m one of the people who actually plays shirts versus skins on the basketball court, and none of us have ever been kicked out. But I don’t think it’s fair some people could get kicked out at the gym. I mean, we’re all adults, we all know what's appropriate and what’s not appropriate to wear.”

Kathryn Pence, Junior 
“I think you should be able to show a little. I’ve seen a lot of ads on Instagram of workout clothes and it goes up to right above your belly button, and they only show two inches of your stomach. I think that would be okay to wear, as long as you’re not basically almost naked. But I think it should probably be up to the people that actually go to the gym everyday or often to decide what to wear to the gym.” Nathan Hopkins, Senior

“Yeah, I think there’s a double standard. People should be free to do what they want. It’s only weird if you make it weird”

Amanda Solberg, Junior 

“I think it’s fair. I think maybe it's healthier because sometimes people don’t clean down the athletic equipment and if you’re covered up you’re not getting sweat everywhere. I’m not entirely against it. As long as it’s inclusive for people and they’re not being sexist. I don’t think it’s sexist at the moment, but if that issue ever arises and people feel that way, I think the students should have some sort of say in it.”

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