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Here are the letters to the editor we received for the week of Jan. 29, 2018. Letters can be submitted to Western could add locks to doors quickly A Feb. 28 front-page article is headlined, "Western has limited options in the case of an active shooter, police chief says." One problem mentioned is the inability to secure outward-opening doors, which also frequently have no locks. The suggestion is to wait for remodels and repairs, but there is something effective that could be done quickly, with little expense. That is to attach mechanical bar locks similar to those used in hotels. A version could easily be designed to secure outward opening doors (as well as inward opening doors), and probably already exists. These simply screw into the door and the frame around it so a skilled worker could install one in minutes. It would be easy to use, require no keys, and with good screws would withstand a lot of force. Standard door bar locks retail for less than $10. With a suitable piece of hardware, this type of security could start being implemented within in a couple of weeks of the purchase decision. Daimon Sweeney, Fairhaven '95 Editor's note: The headline of that article was changed to the current headline online, "Western classrooms hard to secure in case of active shooter, the Front finds," on March 2, 2018, as the police chief did not explicitly say that and the headline’s meaning was not completely clear.

The importance of student-led clubs at Western The American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) is the premier professional association for supply chain and operations management and the leading provider of research, education, and certification programs to elevate supply chain excellence and innovation. With over 300 international partners and more than 45,000 members, APICS is revolutionizing the way people are driving the growth of their businesses. The student chapter of APICS at Western provides support and supplemental education for the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management and Operations Management programs. There are currently over 75 members in Western’s APICS club and that number is continuing to grow each quarter. The club will host weekly meetings and special events that are open to anyone who would like to register to be a part of the club. These activities connect the students’ academic education with current developments within the industry. Examples activities include industry professional speakers, professional development meetings, facility tours, and career skill workshops. The benefits of an APICS membership go beyond just the weekly meetings. Students have several opportunities to network with industry professionals through our industry and student mentoring programs and professional networking events. These networking events set up students with ability to secure internship and full-time job opportunities with the chance to interact and speak with industry professionals. APICS jump starts student’s careers by allowing them the capability to develop and build their professional network to ensure they are prepared post-graduation when working towards setting up their future in supply chain. Kelden West, APICS member, manufacturing and supply chain management major
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