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Sunday, March 7, 2021

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Dressing for the future

Fashion not only can be eco-friendly, it should be By Winnie Killingsworth It’s time for us to change our clothes.  Not literally — but how we approach...

Period products for the future

Reusable menstrual items don’t only help us be eco-friendly, they can change lives By Winnie Killingsworth Period. This word can mean the punctuation at the end of...

Sustainability, self-care while surviving COVID-19

Sustainability during the COVID-19 pandemic looks different than one might think By Winnie Killingsworth Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Feeling more relaxed?...

Sustainable farming, food insecurity at Western

The Outback Farm works to meet student food needs in a sustainable way at Western Washington University By Winnie Killingsworth Welcome to The Outback.  For some, this...

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Piece(s) of cake

Local bakery serves up sustainability By Caroline Brooks Saltadena Bakery & Cake Shop’s muted pink colors and frosting-scented air isn’t all...