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How to get off-campus housing quickly

With Western Washington University students expected to return to campus in the fall, the opportunity to enroll in in-person classes after months of courses almost entirely on Zoom will finally be available. However, with students’ return comes the need for student housing. 



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Bringing fishers back to Washington

Fishers, cat-sized mammals related to the weasel family, are slowly making a comeback in Washington after their extirpation in the mid 1900s due to habitat loss, over-trapping and incidental deaths. 

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How to Survive an Earthquake at Western Washington University

Tons of information exists about earthquake preparedness, from the general cover and hold and standing under door frames to recommendations for survival gear. This is information for students, faculty and staff at Western Washington University about the risk of earthquakes and what to do when they strike.  

Sports Recreation


Washington park agencies offer top tips on beating crowds

Time outdoors can provide opportunities for socialization and exercise, boosting moods and leading to positive changes in mental health. With COVID-19 sending record numbers to parks and trails, here are some expert tips and less trafficked spots for those who want to skip the crowds. 


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Opinion | Washington has reopened, and it’s okay to be nervous about it

It’s your first time out to dinner in almost a year. The restaurant is at capacity, and even though you’re vaccinated you can’t help but feel nervous as your server brings your meal. You might feel as if you’re thinking irrationally, but it is entirely normal to have some anxiety about the reopening process as things in Washington state slowly return to something resembling pre-pandemic normalcy.

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We're changing the name. Here's why

This website is a part of a larger evolution that has been in the works for a while. It couldn’t have happened without the hard work and contributions of numerous past editors. Some of the changes have been happening subtly over the past few months; others are rolling out for the first time today.  Here’s a rundown:

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