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Ben Stainbrook

Ben Stainbrook (he/him) is a campus news reporter for the The Front during the 2022-2023 winter quarter at Western. He is a second-year student and is planning to major in visual journalism. Away from reporting, he enjoys taking photographs, playing games and making music. 

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Why did bottled water return to Western?

Bottled water returned to Western Washington University’s markets and vending machines last spring in the form of a can. After the sale of plastic water bottles were halted on campus in the spring of 2014, students lobbied for the return of bottled water last year after concerns about the safety of Western’s drinking fountains were voiced. 

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Put down the phone when you are going to bed

You’ve just finished studying for a stressful exam, and you need to get to sleep for an early wake up the next morning. After preparing for bed, you check your phone. You later realize that you’ve just wasted an hour or two you could have spent sleeping by watching online videos and scrolling through social media. 

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The Banff Film Festival’s return to Bellingham

The Banff Centre’s Mountain Film Festival returned to Bellingham last Thursday, Jan. 19, at the Mount Baker Theatre during its 2023 world tour. Human triumph, commitment, environmental preservation, cultural heritage and a grand love for the natural world were all themes presented during the sold-out, two-and-a-half-hour show hosted by the AS Productions team at Western Washington University.

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