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Movie Review: "While We're Young"

____simple_html_dom__voku__html_wrapper____>“While We’re Young” is the latest Ben Stiller movie and is currently playing at the Pickford Film Center. The movie is about a middle-aged couple coming to terms with the fact that they are no longer in their 20s. The movie shows the lives of three different couples. Stiller plays Josh, a one hit wonder documentarian. His wife Cornelia (Watt) is also in the business due to her father being one of the greatest documentarians out there. Josh and Cornelia have friends that recently had a baby and find themselves no longer being able to relate to them because they are unable to have children. Josh and Cornelia meet this younger couple, Darby and Jamie, (Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver) that fascinate them. As the movie moves on, you see Josh and Cornelia trying to emulate the younger couple. Darby and Jamie are this offbeat couple that seems to live a life of simplicity. Jamie is an aspiring documentarian and Darby makes homemade ice cream. They ride bike everywhere and make their own furniture. As a viewer, I really wanted to like Jamie. I love Adam Driver in “Girls” and was hoping he’d be that same loveable character. Jamie is just not a great guy. And as you’re watching you just want to scream at the screen to Josh to stop believing this him. I feel like with how old Josh is, he shouldn’t be so naive to Jamie’s deceitfulness. This aspect of the movie seemed to stretch reality a little too much for me. Josh is 42 and clearly has life experiences that would make it so he should be able to be more suspecting of Jamie’s motives for friendship. While this movie was great, it was also fairly predictable. As Josh starts to see through Jamie’s lies you can tell exactly how he plans on exposing the truth. I think the fact that Josh gets so worked up over Jamie doesn’t play well with the character that is introduced in the beginning of the movie. In the beginning you see this very mundane and predictable guy and then even as he starts changing he typically remains level-headed. But when he explodes you see that typical Ben Stiller movie reaction, similar to how he gets in “Meet the Parents.” The ending was some-what of a twist, which was refreshing after the predictable first half hour. I like when movies give you a twist, but it makes you a little mad as a viewer because you wanted it to turn out the way you had it worked out in your head. Going in, I start out with 4 stars in mind, and as things don’t make sense, or are poorly played out, I will take away some points. I took a half a star away for the predictability, and half a star for the strange character change in Josh. I would suggest going and seeing this movie, especially if you like Ben Stiller.   Rating: 3 out of 4 stars   "While We're Young" will be playing this weekend at: FRI 5/01 4:05PM 6:45PM 8:45PM SAT 5/02 2:05PM 4:25PM 6:45PM 8:45PM SUN 5/03 2:05PM 6:45PM

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