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OPINION: It’s time to educate the next generation on the world’s biggest threat – climate change

Climate-related deaths are increasing globally at a terrifying rate. Whether it’s the result of food insecurity, extreme weather events, lack of access to clean water, rising temperatures or any of the other dangerous side effects of climate change, people are dying. Yet there are still many who have never received any formal education in environmental science.  

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Letters to the Editor

Response to "We need to change the stigma around sexual assault" column

Addressing the topic of sexual assault in an ethical and comprehensive manner requires diligence, empathy, sensitivity, courage and nuance. It is a difficult topic for anyone to write about. As a disclaimer, my perspective on the recent opinion piece is inevitably informed by my personal experience. I am fortunate: I have not experienced sexual assault.


OPINION: Antisemitism is on the rise; Western needs to fight back

On the week of Oct. 20, two antisemitic displays were found on the “free speech” board in the Viking Union. The first depicted an antisemitic caricature, and the second was the Nazi dog whistle “1488.” This understandably affected the Jewish student body at Western Washington University, and unfortunately, this kind of antisemitism is nothing new in our culture or at WWU.


OPINION: The top shelf: mansplaining, manipulating, marginalizing

I like to think that I’ve read more “classic” books than the average person. English major solitude has run through my veins since high school. I have tasted revenge with “The Count of Monte Cristo,” I have experienced the pangs of love in “Jane Eyre” and I’ve fought alongside the gods and men of “The Iliad.” I can say with 100% certainty that the majority of “classics” are overrated and bland. 


OPINION: Grief does not have a timeline

During my first year of college last year, I dropped to my knees in the parking lot at Mathes Hall as my mom broke the news to me that my dad had died. It felt like I was in the movies. You know, that moment when the main character finds out that someone close to them is dead and all they can hear is ringing and their vision becomes blurry.


OPINION: Need work experience? Play Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game where players are put into the shoes of adventurers, taking on quests of varying length and scope. Think of something like the first Lord of the Rings movie.  Unlike other board games, Dungeons & Dragons requires that one person playing the game have a different role from the rest of the players: the dungeon master, or DM. The DM guides the other players through the adventure, which is usually made by the DM themself. They also play the role of all the characters and enemies the players encounter.


OPINION: Whatcom County leaders urge ‘yes’ vote on EMS levy

A levy request in November is a matter of life or death. For decades, Whatcom County has enjoyed exceptional emergency services, but the Emergency Medical Services’ (EMS) primary funding source is up for renewal in Whatcom County. We encourage everyone to support the continued funding of this program. When you call 911 with a medical emergency you expect the ambulance to come as quickly as possible. To maintain the county’s rapid, effective service, we must vote YES for the EMS levy on the ballot. Our EMS program saves lives.   

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The mystery of dating while asexual

Asexual people are starting to be recognized on the official queer spectrum and with more visibility comes more questions from the rest of the queer community. I tend not to share the fact that I’m asexual; more often than not, a dozen clarifying questions are attached to it. “That means you … don’t like sex, right?” “Wait, what does that mean again?” “So you, like, don’t ever want to date? EVER?”

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Arts & Music

Review of new Lizzo album, 'Special'

“In case nobody told you today… you’re special,” said Melissa Viviane Jefferson, or as most people know her, Lizzo.  She’s the queen of spreading self-love and positivity through her music.  Lizzo released her fourth studio album, “Special,” on July 15, 2022, and it’s her most empowering one yet. 

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Letter from the editor: 6/15

I’ve been self-conscious about my art ever since I was a kid. My parents sent me to art classes when I was really little, but I fell out of the art scene after that, around the time when I became too shy to share what I created. I wondered if I was “good enough.” And what happens if I’m not good enough? Will people laugh at me? Could my ego take a hit like that? The answer is that nobody is “good enough.” An artist who paints in the classical style and an artist who arranges junk into an abstract sculpture have the same chance of success, because there is no good or bad art. There is subjectivity and open-mindedness, but no set standards.

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Letter from the editor | July 11

Being an editor means that I am allowed to share my personal experiences with my reporters and that I can be vulnerable in every way which may help guide them in a more diverse direction. 

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