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By David Whorpole Isaac James Holloway, 19, formerly enrolled at Western, was sentenced to 60 days in Kitsap County Jail on June 26 after pleading guilty to fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation. When asked if Holloway was still a student at Western, Paul Cocke, Western’s director of communications and marketing, said in an email that he was not currently enrolled nor is he enrolled in classes for fall 2017, but that the administration is limited in what it can say due to issues pertaining to student privacy. Holloway was originally charged with third-degree sexual assault, but pleaded guilty to lesser charges of fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation. Holloway had 304 days of his original 365 day sentence suspended by the court, according to court documents. As part of his plea deal, Holloway is required to pay restitution to the victim in the amount of $5,252.69 for medical and counseling expenses. According to court documents, the assault survivor, who was 15 at the time, attended Bainbridge High School with Holloway before his graduation in spring 2016. Holloway gave the survivor a Xanax before assaulting her on August 4, 2016, according to the statement of probable cause submitted by the Bainbridge Island Police Department. In that same statement, Holloway denied this in an interview with Scott Weiss, a detective sergeant for the Bainbridge Island Police Department, stating, “I do not know where they would have got them.” According to the warrant motion, an underaged, unidentified witness observed Holloway putting a Xanax in the survivor’s mouth. In a victim impact statement submitted to the court by the survivor’s father, he spoke about the months after the assault and the need for justice. “Young men, and all men, need to know that rape victims will not be silent, and the law will enforce serious penalties rather than thinking nothing will happen or a good lawyer will get them off the hook,” the survivor’s father said. The maximum penalty for fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation is just under one year. In comparison, the maximum penalty for third-degree sexual assault in Washington State is five years according to Washington state law.  The fourth-degree assault charge with sexual motivation also means Holloway will not have to register as a sex offender.

“Young men, and all men, need to know that rape victims will not be silent, and the law will enforce serious penalties rather than thinking nothing will happen or a good lawyer will get them off the hook.”

Sexual assault survivor's father
Cocke said in an email the university can deny admission to any student if they are perceived to pose a risk to people at Western. “That judgment will be based on an individualized determination taking into account any information the university has about a student's criminal record and the court findings along with a primary focus on safety and due process,” Cocke said. University Police collaborated with Bainbridge Island Police to arrest Holloway, according to an email conversation between Ron Carpenter, a police sergeant at Western, and Weiss, obtained through a public records request. The emails revealed that both parties knew Holloway was at Western and intended to arrest him before his 11 a.m. class on March 1st, 2017. In Kitsap County District Court, Holloway pleaded guilty on June 26, under what is referred to as an “Alford plea,” which allows a defendant to state their belief in their innocence while acknowledging a jury would most likely convict them based on the evidence presented. Jennifer Koo, the prosecutor in Holloway’s case, said there were evidentiary issues in the case that, along with additional factors, led to a plea deal being offered to Holloway. Koo would not elaborate on the evidentiary issues in question.

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