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Kevin Miller, a self-identified “super-senior,” is super for more than just his prolonged graduation date. In September 2016, Miller launched his second entertainment company, All Approach and has quickly established his brand in the music industry. Having worked on major television and film projects, Miller hits the ground running. This past holiday season, Miller’s original song, “I’m the Man,” was featured in the movie “Almost Christmas.” This was the second time his work was featured in a Hollywood production, but the first film. In December 2015, one of his songs played in the background of MTV’s reality show, “True Life.”  

“Pharrell is everything to me. I see myself in him because I think no one really expects to have [fame] happen to us. He’s my biggest inspiration.”

Kevin Miller
“It was a shock to me. The story was interesting. I went and saw  [“Almost Christmas”] with my mom and we all screamed at the screen. It was fun,” Miller said. Miller personally specializes in hip-hop and has been playing music since he was a child. At the age of ten, he started playing the drums and taught himself how to play piano after only two weeks of formal lessons. Miller has since moved on to songwriting and said he looks up to rapper and producer Pharrell. “Pharrell is everything to me,” Miller said. “I see myself in him because I think no one really expects to have [fame] happen to us. He’s my biggest inspiration.” Miller has worked in the music industry for five years. He struggled to build his first entertainment company, Konscious Entertainment, but learned from his experience and channeled that knowledge into All Approach.
Kevin Miller // Photo courtesy of Kevin Miller
I won’t lie to you. I’ve failed before, and that’s because I didn’t have a team and I didn’t have the experience I do now,” Miller said. “I was running a company and didn’t have any direction and I didn’t have the mentors I do now. I didn’t have the skills I do, so I rebranded and re-launched.” Holding the role of CEO and founder of All Approach, Miller took on new responsibilities. His day-to-day work includes brand, client and team management, while facilitating company growth. “The leadership role is actually more [work]. I spend more time doing that than actually the music part,” he said. Kalene, a pop artist working with All Approach, praised the team for not only music collaboration, but said they had a large role in her branding and professionalism in the industry. “ I have a stronger sense of myself actually since working with them,” Kalene said.   Although composing music is at the bottom of Miller’s current list of priorities, it certainly hasn’t been neglected. All Approach artist manager, Ledonia Davis, can see that.  “He has more of a passion for being a producer and bringing things to life for people, and helping them to figure those things out for themselves,” Davis said. Kalene appreciates how All Approach is there to help independent artists like herself go beyond what is usually expected from smaller companies. “I have more respect for him than a lot of people who are twice his age,” Kalene said. “He just has so much knowledge. The whole team [does] actually.” With the success of his company and big dreams for the future, All Approach gave Miller more than just music-based affirmation. While the music came easy to Miller, he struggled with issues of bullying growing up. As a self-identified “weird kid,” Miller said he still struggles with self-esteem to this day and often feels like he doesn’t fit in. It’s not just like ‘Oh, I was bullied when I was a kid.’ That affects your psyche and your self-esteem. All Approach helped me with my self-esteem and developing my confidence,” Miller said. Miller embraces his experience now and channels them into positively impacting the community. “I was a youth counselor for the YMCA, as well as a camp counselor for Camp Root, which is for an outdoor immersion school [in Kenmore, Washington].” So, what’s on the horizon for Miller and All Approach? He plans to focus on growing the brand and developing strategic partnerships in the community. Additionally, he wants to build his skill set and help more people along the way.   Miller emphasized how much he appreciates his team. He can’t get by without their help, he said. “It’s absolutely a team environment. That’s the only way we’ll be successful because there’s different entities or specialties that we all bring to the table,” Davis said. Miller is also offering internships where students can work on photography, social media and brand development skills. He encourages Western students who are interested to contact him through his website.


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