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We've got spirit, yes we do. We've got spirit, how 'bout you?

Here at Western, we are not just students. We are a family. It is our job as family members to support one another. It is our job to have pride in our family.

As we enter this year, Viking pride is in danger of becoming extinct. The most literal way that we show our pride, cheering at sporting events, has hit a snag. Carver Gym is in the process of being demolished, and our fearless athletes must seek another home court, somewhere off campus.

Thankfully, Whatcom Community College has opened their doors, and made their gym available to us once again.

When I was a freshman, the men’s and women’s soccer teams did not have Harrington Field to call home here on campus. Instead, they played their home games at WCC using Orca Field as their home turf.

Sadly, I did not make much of an effort to get out there and support them when they needed it.

Although still in the area, WCC is quite a ways from our campus. For this reason, it is important now more than ever to go out and support our fellow Vikings.

For most of you, your main mode of transportation is probably a bus. Make the most of it! Get your roommates and friends to ride together. Make the journey to a Viking game part of the fun.

For those of you who have a car here at school, I am calling on you! Organize carpools out to WCC and help out your fellow students so that we can all support our athletes.

Most of the varsity athletes that have been moved out to WCC have reason to believe that attendance at games will be significantly less than the usual crowd. Let’s surpass their expectations. It will boost their confidence and show that we believe in them.

We, as a family of fans, have before us a second chance. A chance to show that we support our Vikings and our school. A chance to breathe life back into the fanbase at Western. A chance to become the fan you’ve always wanted to be.

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