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“7 Days to Die,” a first-person survival horror and crafting game, combines a randomly generated open-world environment with the ever-present dangers of starvation, being overrun by a horde of the undead and dying at the hands of other players. Unlike many games, “7 Days to Die” offers the player absolutely no direction in terms of objectives or goals. However, it shines regardless of your approach to it. You can play stealthily, only killing wandering groups of the undead when you have to, or you could opt for a different approach, living a nomadic life blasting and scavenging your way through the world. Alternatively, you could jump into the game with a group of friends and build an impenetrable fortress for the inevitable horde that will come your way in an attempt to destroy everything you have created. In “7 Days,” everything you do makes sound, and every sound you make, depending on how loud it is, has a chance to draw nearby zombies to your location. This makes searching houses in cities particularly dangerous, because every nearby building can have a hoard of zombies hiding inside it that will flock to you if you aren’t careful. The crafting system is very similar to that of Minecraft, with the two main differences being the presence of realistic building physics and an in-game wiki. The realistic building physics creates a challenge largely absent from popular crafting games, forcing players to logically plan out their buildings and fortifications. This also means that building a floating sky fortress to stay away from the constant influx of zombies is not an option in “7 Days.” The in-game wiki allows players to look up the required crafting components for whatever they want to create without opening another window. While this game is still in the public beta stage of development and has not been deemed a complete game yet, the lack of server issues, bugs and glitches could definitely fool you into thinking it’s a finished product. At the surprisingly low price of $25, this game is a must have for fans of the survival horror and survival genres. Find out more and buy "7 Days to Die" at

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