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Western ‘fits: Eli Zinner

By Julia Furukawa

Name: Eli Zinner

Pronouns: He/him/his

Class standing: Freshman

Hometown: Bend, Oregon

Fashion inspiration: I would say I kind of take from a lot of different styles — like skaters but also high-end fashion and street fashion. I think blending the three is really cool.

Western fashion scene: I think that everybody here is pretty hip, and I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I’m definitely a hipster. Sad to admit it.

Favorite store: I buy most of my clothes online. There’s just so many options online and when I go to a store I feel like I’m just way too quick to buy things. I really like shopping on DePop, an app where you can sell used clothing to other buyers and sellers around the world. I actually just traded a guy a shirt the other day. Like, I’ll buy a lot of high-end stuff that I wouldn’t wear, ‘cause Supreme makes a lot of stupid stuff, but then I’ll resell it on DePop and buy something that’s way cooler.

Pants: American Eagle
Shirt: Printed by artist Matt Bailey, from London
Shoes: Unknown Board Shop


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