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Associated Students hosts harvest jubilee and haunted house


By Maddy Stewart

Harvest themed activities encompassed the farm, drawing students in.

The Associated Students put on a harvest jubilee event Friday, Oct. 21, at The Outback Farm in honor of Halloween being right around the corner.

The event was originally created after a practical joke where someone jumped out from behind a toolshed while shaking a rake and making funny noises, The Outback’s Coordinator Kamea Black said.

“The neat thing about [the event] is how many people have gotten excited about it. I feel like it will continue to grow.”

The Outback Farm Coordinator Kamea Black

Originally the event was going to be more of a haunted forest garden, but it became too challenging at the location because of a lack of power, lighting and accessibility, Black said.

“Working with AS Productions and the environmental center, we boiled it down into more of a harvest celebration,” Black said. “The goal of the event is getting people to come play on the farm versus helping us mulch or weed, which is not nearly as exciting.”

At the event there was a wide variety of activities welcoming students.  People were getting messy eating donuts that were hanging on strings while swinging in the air. Hula hooping, a photobooth and pumpkin painting were also available for students.

“The neat thing about [the event] is how many people have gotten excited about it,” Black said. “I feel like it will continue to grow.”


By Jordan Carlson

It was a nightmare on High Street for anyone brave enough to enter into the dark, mysterious haunted house offered to anyone ready for pure chills and terror.

The Associated Students hosted a haunted house Friday, Oct. 21, in the Viking Union Multi-Purpose Room for anyone to stop by for a scare. Tickets were sold at the door for $3 with the chance to enter again before the end of the night.

Haunted house goers lined up promptly at 7 p.m., chatting nervously and excitedly with their friends before entering into the unknown.

Upon entering, a dark figure threateningly explained the rules of the house that only made it more nerve racking: no contact with group members. Everyone had to enter the haunted house by themselves.

“They followed us. They followed us through the (house)!”

Freshman Soumya Ayelasomayajula

The house was full of eerie music, flashing lights and clowns that stalked closely behind. Not being able to hold on to group members made getting lost and confused in the dark easy.

Sophomore Brandon Cortes said the clowns were his favorite part.

“There were strobe lights which made it hard to see, and that’s when the clowns came in,” Cortes said.

Cortes said the house was a good deal but wishes he could have been spooked for a bit longer.

Freshman Soumya Ayelasomayajula also thought the strobe lights were intense, but she was scared by something else.

“They followed us,” Ayelasomayajula exclaimed. “They followed us through the (house)!”

Though scared by the monster stalking, Ayelasomayajula said she had a good time.

Niveda Ganesh, AS Productions’ marketing coordinator, said there were other features of the event as well.

“We did a Snapchat filter and we’re also filming one of us going through the event,” Ganesh said.

Ganesh’s work with designing posters and getting the word out led to good turnout at the event, with a steady crowd coming through, she said.

AS Productions is also hosting movie viewings of “Carrie,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and “Don’t Breathe,” leading up to and on Halloween.



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