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Coloring in the wines

With coloring pages and much laughter, Vinostrology customers were able to let out their inner child while enjoying glasses of wine at the Wine and Color event Thursday, Oct. 6.

Throughout the night, the bar was filled with people tasting different wines and working on coloring pages.

The event is a new addition to the store’s rotation of activities, and it is quickly becoming very popular.

Shawna Gilleland, Vinostrology’s marketing consultant, was impressed with the feedback Wine and Color received.

“[The event on Facebook] reached 1,800 people, and I started to panic,” Gilleland said. “It’s not an overly large place. I don’t think we left until midnight although the plan was 10 p.m. People just kept showing up.”

With over 300 people interested in the event on Facebook, Vinostrology plans to make it a monthly event.

Kristylyn Pelton heard about the event from Facebook.

“I love it,” Pelton said. “I get to hang out with my best friend, I get to color, which I love, I get to drink great wine, which I love even more, and I get to eat great snacks.”

At the event, each seating station is set up with clipboards and coloring pencils. People are allowed to bring their own coloring pages, but the bar also provides a selection. Choices range from Disney villains to decorative swear words.

There is no designed age bracket in the crowd. The event is purely for people to come, relax, unwind and color, while tasting Vinostrology’s wide selection of wines, Gilleland said.

“It’s a non-typical distraction,” Gilleland said. “Even people who were a little frazzled coming in just got a chance to relax.”

Vinostrology is one of Bellingham’s only wine stations. It is located on 120 W. Holly St. There are always 20 wines on rotation, and the selection is seasonal. What is on shelf one month might be gone the next.

Allison Abbey also heard about the event through Facebook and attended with Pelton.

“I would definitely come back,” Abbey said. “We’ve been looking forward to this for weeks.”

Vinostrology has scheduled a special Halloween Wine and Color event with prizes and themed coloring pages Thursday, Oct. 27.


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