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Get to know Western: Linsey Gardner

Meet Linsey Gardner, a junior in the industrial design program.
Meet Linsey Gardner, a junior in the industrial design program.


Why did you choose to come to Western?


It was a toss-up between staying in Seattle and coming to Western, she said. But once I saw the campus I [thought] the school was awesome.Gardner said she liked that Western is small and has a good design program.


What is your favorite part of campus?


Gardner said her favorite spot is a secluded, wood porch underneath the Performing Arts Center that looks over the bay. It is a nice place to sit and read,” she said.


What do you like to do in Bellingham?


She likes to explore downtown, grab different things to eat and head up to Value Village. Gardner said she also likes to spend time with her roommates.


What is your favorite place to eat in Bellingham?


Gardner said she is a big fan of Thai food and likes to eat at On Rice. I get down with some pizza,she said. Any pizza in Bellingham: McKays, Goat Mountain Pizza, Coconut Kennys. Dont even get me started.


What has been your favorite class as Western thus far?


Her favorite class so far has been an industrial design about color theory, taught by Jason Morris, she said. We just played with colors and made shapes. It was my first introduction to the design program.


What do you want to do after you graduate?


She said her dream job would be to work for REI and design backpacks and other camping equipment. Gardner loves to backpack, she said. Her favorite hike is the Wonderland Trail around Mount Baker, she said.


Do you have any summer plans?

Gardner and her roommate have bought one-way plane tickets to Dublin, Ireland this for summer, she said. That is as far as their plans go as of now, Gardner said. Hopefully I make it back.


What is your best piece of advice for incoming freshman?

Everyone is scared of everyone,Gardner said. We are all in it together. You find your people and it’s awesome.”



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