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Getting to know Western

CAMPUS PROFILE Marilyn Napier online
Western senior Thomas Cogger. // Photo by Marilyn Napier

This week, the Western Front interviewed senior Thomas Cogger. 

 1. Why did you pick Western?

“I transferred here from Wisconsin to snowboard. My parents said I could come here to snowboard if I am getting an education.”

2. What is your favorite thing about Western?

“How healthy of an action-sports community there is. Any day you can hit up someone to go downhill biking or wakeboarding or snowboarding and there’s going to be someone out there who is going to do it with you, I love that. It’s a great community of people.”

3. What is your favorite class so far?

“Communication 308, it’s a fundraising course. Right now we are working on a project to raise money for scholarships for future Western students. Heather Davidson is the professor, she is awesome.”

4. What do you like about Bellingham?

“What is there not to like? I like the people and how environmentally conscious people are here. I just like how Bellingham has a lot to offer for outdoor things.”

5. Best piece of advice for students?

“To check out a lot of the clubs and teams, like the new wakeboard club, because it’s the best way you can link up with a ton of people who are similar to you or at least share the same passion. I did that and for the last four years and some of those people have been my best friends.

6. Where in Wisconsin are you from?

“Washburn, one of the most northern towns in the entire state, right on Lake Superior.

7. Where do you snowboard?

“I ride Stevens. All of my friends go to Stevens and they offer a good student rate that people should know about.”



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