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Bellingham gets a taste of winter

To some, skiing and snowboarding is a weekend hobby or a sport. But to others, it's more than any of those things combined, it’s a lifestyle. Warren Miller, late ski and snowboard filmmaker has embodied the life of the sport with his feature-length films for as long as anyone can remember.


Over the river and through the woods

Western’s campus is cozily nestled alongside the hills of Sehome Arboretum, and at any given moment students are minutes away from rock climbing, biking, and hiking trails. Travel a bit  further, and the road will lead to a vast amount of outdoor opportunities; whether it’s a six-day trip through the North Cascades, or a quiet hike through rolling hills of the Chuckanuts, adventure is waiting right outside your door.

The Setonian

Outdoor recreation in Bellingham

Bellingham has many opportunities to explore what the city has to offer. Feel the sunshine and fresh air with activities such as boating and hiking. Bring a friend along to the many shops, restaurants and various ways to explore the city. Here are a few activities and places you can explore to find some tranquility and photo opportunities.

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