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Frontline: Western's greedy business hurts students

Western is a business. In order to run a good business, costs must be low and profits must be high. Western’s sure-fire way to ensure profit is through students’ tuition. In that case, it’s no wonder student enrollment reaches a new all-time high every fall quarter.


Frontline: Coach Halsell has to go

Parents send their children off to college with peace of mind, believing the safety of students will be the university’s top priority. When their safety is jeopardized, it’s expected that the school will hold people accountable and that steps are taken to redress the situation.


Frontline: Act on frozen America

At the start of fall quarter, Washington state was shocked by an active shooter who killed five at the Cascade Mall in Burlington. As always, this issue was surrounded by questions of race, motive, mental health and citizenship status. In the aftermath of the attack, there was collective hope that America could improve in preventing motives for tragedies like these, and begin to move forward toward being a better country overall. 

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