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Hidden Gems: Mediterranean Specialties Café

The Mediterranean Specialties Café is a little place that is tucked away on the corner of 32nd St. Not only can you buy sandwich wraps, meat pies, and couscous to eat it right then and there, you could also buy the groceries and cookbooks to make it a at home DIY deal.

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My Dear Friend Oscar: Best Actor in Forrest Gump

The MDFO series has returned! And what better way to do so than to look at one of the best films of the ‘90s, “Forrest Gump,” is a movie that everyone knows at this point. This week we will look at one of the six Oscars that this film took home at the 1995 Academy Awards.

The Setonian
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Games Galore: Fallout Shelter (iOS)

Free-to-play (in App Store purchases) With the impending arrival of Fallout 4, the focus on the series has reached series has reached a fever pitch. During the initial announcement of the game, Bethesda, the publisher, also announced Fallout Shelter, an iOS game that places the player as one of the, “Overseers" in charge of a "Vault". A Vault, in the Fallout universe, is an underground living space that houses the survivors and their descendants from the ravaged wasteland outside. Fallout Shelter works a little differently from the mainline Fallout games. Instead of trekking across the remnants of the United States, the player oversees the functions and residents of their own Vault. First, the player must build rooms that will provide power, food, and water, the three resources that are necessary to keep the Vault running. The Vault is expanded by attracting more outsiders to the Vault, or by having two people with high Charisma mate so that one of them becomes pregnant. Charisma is one of several stats each dweller has that determines what job in the Vault they are most suited for. Should the need arise, you can send out some of your dwellers into the wastes to forage for weapons, armor and other supplies. The end goal of the game is to build a flourishing Vault, by building new rooms, and populating it with as many dwellers as possible. The game nicely sidesteps many of the pitfalls of the free-to-play type of game. You don’t need to pay money in order to keep playing after a certain duration. Instead, you can pay money to get a, “lunchbox” with four prizes, such as weapons, armor or extra resources. It’s a nice bonus but it is not necessary to play the game. On the downside, the game really does require a high amount of babysitting, requiring the player to consistently monitor the amount of resources their Vault has. This detracts from convenience and accessibility of the game. Although this doesn’t matter so much later on, it’s still a little bit of a pain. Final Rating: 8/10

The Setonian
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Campus Clubs: The Billiards club

Although the Billiards club meeting was cancelled this past Thursday, Nathan Miller was still in the Fairhaven Lounge, shooting pool. Miller is a junior at Western studying radio and broadcast production. He’s been involved with the club since last fall. According to Miller, 5-10 people show up to the meetings with their own equipment each week and the president of the club brings his professional quality billiard balls. “We usually just play pool and work on our pool skills. But sometimes we’ll do a mock tournament where we just play for fun,” Miller said. Last winter, they had an actual tournament at Western. They had others who were formally in the club who also played in the tournament, Miller said. “First place is usually a new cue stick and I played in that last year and I was actually the winner of that one,” Miller said. Even though he was knocked into the losers bracket, he made his way back to win the tournament. Pool sticks are commonly known as cue sticks. Miller started learning to play pool with his friend when he was younger and he’s won in any tournament he’s ever been in since. The competitions are divided by “seeds” which are their performance levels. It’s usually a double-elimination bracket. So if someone loses the winner’s bracket, they get bumped down to the loser’s bracket. Then each game is best two out of three. When you get to the finals, you play three out of five. These tournaments are usually in the course of one day, Miller said. He found out about the club in Red Square from the annual AS Club Fair. The club is open to anyone and everyone is welcome. The Billiards Club meets every Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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