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BRIEF: Gov. Inslee announces reproductive rights state amendment

‘There are threats every day to a woman’s right to choice in Washington’

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee addresses a crowd in front of Western Washington University’s Visitor Center on Friday, Oct. 21. Inslee, along with other legislative members, spoke about reproductive rights and privacy within Washington state. // Photo by Finn Wendt

Gov. Jay Inslee announced Friday, Oct. 21, that a state amendment to protect reproductive rights is in the works to be added to Washington’s constitution.

Speaking from the cover of Western Washington University’s Visitor Center on a drizzly morning, Inslee, alongside other Washington legislators, explained actions the state is taking to support reproductive rights and privacy.

“We may welcome the rain today to help suppress some of these fires, but we have to recognize there are storm clouds on the horizon in the state of Washington because there are those who would like to threaten the right of a woman to exercise her right of choice,” Inslee said.

Amid legal attempts to restrict or ban abortions in Washington, an amendment would solidify the future of reproductive rights in the state.

“The right of a woman to exercise her private right of this most intimate decision is a fundamental right that needs to be protected in the State of Washington Constitution,” Inslee said.

This new step in the battle to protect reproductive rights further strengthens the West Coast’s commitment to providing access to reproductive health care to people traveling from states that do not grant those rights.

If the amendment is added, Washington will join 10 other states which protect reproductive rights within their constitutions to a greater degree than federal law.

In November, California, Michigan and Vermont will vote on initiatives that would amend reproductive rights to their respective constitutions in a national response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.


Gov. Jay Inslee speaks in front of a crowd of 50 and news cameras outside Western Washington University’s Visitor Center on Friday, Oct. 21. Vowing to protect women's reproductive rights, he announced that he is working to propose a constitutional amendment enshrining abortion access and contraceptive services. // Photo by Finn Wendt

Finn Wendt

Finn Wendt (he/him) is a sports and recreation reporter at The Front. He is pursuing a degree in visual journalism with a minor in sociology. Outside of journalism, he enjoys photography, eating and hiking. You can reach him at or

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