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Advances in technology might help create a safer ride for motorcyclists. Students, automakers and motorcycle enthusiasts are imagining a future of motorcycle technology that protects and safeguards the rider. Smartphone apps, helmets and bikes are being designed to move the world of riding forward. On June 30, students at a college in Helsinki, Finland won the Junior Achievement European Enterprise Challenge with their design for a intelligent motorcycle helmet. The INTACT smart helmet system can call for emergency medical services to the GPS location received from the helmet. This feature could be life saving for bikers. The INTACT helmet can also notify preset emergency contacts in the event of a collision. The helmet is connected to smartphone apps such as EatSleepRide which tracks your ride, connects you with other riders and lets you find new routes nearby. More information about the helmet and app can be found here and in the Android app store. Automakers are also participating in the advancement of motorcycle safety technology. In October of 2016, BMW released a prototype for a self-balancing motorcycle; infused with some of the safest driving technology to be developed. The BMW Motorrad prototype is part of the BMW Next 100 concept for an autonomous motorcycle.  The bike features monitors, which track the rider's heart rate and temperature, allowing the bike to supply the proper levels of hot and cold. The tires on the bike help it adjust to any changes in road conditions. A digital visor accompanies the biker by displaying speed and cornering hints. The strong, but light, carbon fiber frame balances the biker, making it difficult for them to tip or fall off. The motorcycle also has zero emissions. This full article can be found here. This motorcycle technology hails in comparison to some of the first bikes ever invented. While some of the placement features on motorcycles such as the clutch and brake have stayed the same through the years, the advances in technology could contribute to bikes becoming more accessible and making everyone on the road safer.   The Hildebrand & Wolfmuller Motorcycle was invented in 1894 and was one of the first ever invented. The motorcycle technology of that time allowed for the motorcycle to reach a top speed of 24 mph. Photo: Credit The BMW motorcycle concept has a much more flexible frame than traditional bikes. If the handlebars move the entire frame changes shape and accounts for the change in direction. Photo: Credit

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