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Bellingham is home to many different areas that you can go to take your dog on an adventure. However, not all those spots are easy to find. Of course there are great places like Boulevard or the Arboretum, but everyone knows about those. Of all the trails I go on, my favorites I learned about from friends. Here's three: 

Fragrance Lake

Fragrance Lake Viewpoint // Photo by Sierra Sandoval
If you’re looking for a short hike, this is the place to go. The total hike is about a four-mile round trip, with a viewpoint about halfway up the trail. It’s the perfect short hike to take, and is surrounded by trees, so the trail is protected on rainy days.
Rocko at Fragrance Lake // Photo by Sierra Sandoval
Once you get to the top, the trail loops around the entire lake, adding .75 miles. If you’re not feeling a whole hike, I like that you can still get a gorgeous view at the viewpoint and turn back around. I enjoy taking my border collie, Rocko, here because even if I decide to just go to the viewpoint he can still get a lot of energy out. Rocko loves to run all over the trail and smell everything, pouncing over logs and ferns. Not only is it a good way to get him to run around, but it’s a stunning view for me as well. Locust Beach
Rocko at Locust Beach // Photo by Sierra Sandoval
This beach spot is one of the coolest places to go during the springtime, especially when it’s low tide. At low tide you are sometimes able to walk out about a mile into the water, where it’s mostly sand under your feet, and enjoy the warm weather and cool water against your skin. This spot is perfect for those who have dogs that love the water. If you walk far enough along far enough along the right side of the beach, you’ll come to an area where there’s a little hut called “The Jungle Hut.” It’s a great place to sit and enjoy the view.

Chuckanut Interurban Trails

Chuckanut Falls // Photo by Sierra Sandoval
These trails in particular are my overall favorite. I go here the most often with Rocko because it’s a great spot far enough away from the road that I can let him off leash to run freely. There are a few different trails that you can choose from, and there are trail posts along the way to help direct you. I almost always choose to go to Chuckanut Falls. It’s about a 40 minute walk there and back. At the end, there’s a waterfall surrounded by an abundance of green, moss, ferns and trees.


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