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By Alex Powell, Chelsea Andrews, Juan Mendoza-Tovar, and Alex Halverson

1. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the defending Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors by 20 points. Are the Lakers a real threat in the Western Conference?
Chelsea Andrews (reporter) It is still very early in the season but the Lakers have already shown a huge improvement from their previous season. They have shown that they can stick it with some top teams by beating the Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks and the biggest upset most recently, the Golden State Warriors. If they want to stand a chance in the Western Conference they need to keep the cohesion they’re already showing now and maintain it throughout the season. Juan Mendoza-Tovar (reporter) As we've seen time and time again in the NBA, how you start is not how you finish. Sure beating the Warriors is a great start, but the Lakers still have a lot to prove in order to be a real threat in the very competitive Western Conference. Alex Halverson (reporter) No. While beating the defending NBA champions is great for bragging rights until the next game, one win in the beginning of the season doesn't make or break a season. The Lakers still have a lot to prove after quite a few lackluster seasons. Being a young team they may be a dark horse this year, but I don't see it. Alex Powell (reporter) Realistically it’s just way too early in the season to believe anyone in either conference is a true threat. My guess is that the Warriors, like many NBA teams, aren’t going to be playing at full force this early. Like every season, time will tell.
2. Rookie phenomenon Dak Prescott has led the Dallas Cowboys to seven straight wins. Is he their new franchise quarterback?
Chelsea Andrews (reporter) Dak Prescott has already shown that he is capable of being a superstar quarterback. In his rookie year he has thrown for at least 225 yards in eight straight games, which holds the record for the longest streak. The Cowboys have a big decision to make; do they stick with the veteran Tony Romo or let the rookie get a chance to lead the franchise to a Super Bowl for the first time since 1995? Juan Mendoza-Tovar (reporter) He is. Tony Romo is old news, injuries have all but ended his career, and with the amount of hype Prescott is developing in Dallas there's no way he isn't their new guy. Alex Halverson (reporter) I don't see why not. Tony Romo's old and historically just cannot get the job done. I think this is the perfect way to push him out and bring a new kid in. A couple wins is one thing, but a 7-1 record? Those aren't flash-in-the-pan wins. Alex Powell (reporter) Absolutely he should be. It’s almost becoming an annual joke to see Tony Romo start healthy and ultimately leave the season injured at some point. I think it’s time the Cowboys ditch Romo and his glass bones and move on to something bigger and better.
3. Which sports team has the best chemistry? Toon Squad, the Mighty Ducks or the Average Joe's?
Chelsea Andrews (reporter) The Average Joe’s have the best chemistry because of their underdog story. They entered a huge international dodgeball tournament as a bunch of amateurs who have never played the game before and ended up winning the whole thing because they were able to set aside their differences, and let their team chemistry and will to win guide them to victory. Juan Mendoza-Tovar (reporter) Toon Squad for sure. With or without "Michael's secret stuff" they share a sense of chemistry unmatched by the others. Alex Halverson (reporter) Average Joe's! Despite all odds and Vince Vaughn's dad bod, they banded together and beat the mighty Ben Stiller led Globo Gym, and they had guys named Lazer and Blazer and Tazer and all kinds of "Azers"! Alex Powell (reporter) Without a doubt, Toon Squad. There is no other memorable dynamic between humans and animation I have ever seen.


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