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Christine Castellano // Photo by Kaylin Stiefer
Name: Christine Castellano Year: Senior Major: English Literature What have you been watching on Netflix? I just finished the fourth season of Arrested Development. Who introduced you to the show? It was recommended to me by a friend and she thought I would really like the show. What do you like about the show? The show plays on current events and there’s a lot of humor. Who is your favorite character? Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth). He was the reason I started watching it. What is a favorite episode/moment in the show for you? There’s a moment with one of the characters, GOB, [where] they play “The Sounds of Silence” and it stuck with me. That song is always going to have that tone [of the moment], like a serious and life-changing moment.

  Storyline from IMDB: Michael Bluth, a widower with a 13-year-old son, named George-Michael, is forced to keep his large and dysfunctional family together after his father is arrested for shifty accounting practices at the family-owned conglomerate and the Bluth family assets are frozen, making each member of the eccentric family panic. Michael's snobbish mother, Lucille, finds herself living alone in a penthouse without the financial means to maintain it, while Michael's two brothers, GOB and Buster, and his sister Lindsay with her husband Tobias and her daughter Maeby also find themselves having to recreate their lifestyles to fit their new financial status. My Review: This deranged family goes through the weirdest ups and downs, mainly downs. They’re constantly hating on each other, bribing and making deals with each other. The inappropriate jokes that are flung around, the extreme personalities of the characters and the family’s white privilege makes it all very interesting. My Rating: 3.25 out of 5 Seasons Available: 4 Number of Episodes: 68 Average length per episode: 22 minutes Genre: Comedy


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