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"My best memory as a Seahawks fan is…"


Olivia Schatz, Sophomore, Business management and marketing major

"Watching Seahawks games with my dad when I was a toddler. I’ve always liked football but being a Seahawk fan is a given because of where we live."


Nivek Lindsey , Sophomore , Manufacturing and engineering major

“Winning the Super Bowl two years ago! I was with my dad, drinking beers and eating pizza. The whole season was leading up to that one night. It was so much fun.”

Pryce Baker

Pryce Baker, Senior, Kinesiology major

“When the Seahawks beat the Packers in the playoffs last year. They didn’t give up, they didn’t give up even when everyone said it was over. They came back and won.”

Danika Troupe

Danika Troupe, Senior, Community health major

“The tip! When Richard Sherman went up and tipped a pass away. (The pass was meant for Michael Crabtree in the NFC Championship against the 49ers.) I was with my husband and my family and my reaction got videotaped.”

Kirsten Stavig

Kirsten Stavig, Junior, History major

“The Super Bowl we won two years ago. My family was throwing a party and it was really exciting because it was a landslide. We had, like, no chance of losing from the very start. We scored seven points in the first few minutes. I remember my dad running around giving everyone blue and green Jell-O shots. It was a really fun time.”

Kevin Rodriguez

Kevin Rodriguez, Junior , Kinesiology

“The pick that Kam Chancellor had on the Panthers. It was a great return, probably 60 yards. I was watching the game at home with my family. It was probably one of the best defensive plays I’ve seen as far as Kam Chancellor and his abilities.”

Kia Parrish-Haim

Kia Parrish-Haim, Junior, Biological anthropology major

“One time we heard the neighbors screaming and we thought someone was dying next door. But it was the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl.”

Liam Moser

Liam Moser, Freshman

“Last year during the NFC Championship when we played the Green Bay Packers. During the onside kick, all my friends and I went into the bathroom and held hands. We didn’t look at the TV and then they recovered it.”


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