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Even though the days seem much longer, summer quarter is quickly coming to an end and there’s one question that has been plaguing us. Why do so many students complain about class difficulty when we attend a university that offers nearly limitless options of support? 

We made the choice to be students when we signed up for higher education and all of us knew there would be challenges ahead. We also knew that summer quarter would be a condensed and more challenging version of quarters during the academic year, but we still decided to take summer classes.

If college is considered a privilege around the world, then why are so many of us complaining about being here?

We’ve all been told at one point or another that college is supposed to be the best years of our lives. If that’s true, then why do some of us students choose to sit around moping about classes that should be considered minor stepping stones on our path to a greater future?

By being a chronic complainer, not only are you damaging your own ability as a student, but you’re also negatively affecting and influencing others around you. If you’re having trouble, it’s up to you to handle it; nobody is going to hold your hand. Professors and other university support systems will provide you with help and advice, but overall it’s up to you to get your stuff done. This is college; you’re an adult, it’s time to act like one. 

By this point, some of you may be thinking to yourselves it’s really hypocritical to complain about complainers. Let us assure you, we’re not complaining, we’re simply pointing out an issue that is a problem on our campus, especially during summer quarter. We hope that by discussing this, we can attempt to find a solution to this problem, not further it. 

Remember, at college, you’re not alone. Everyone has problems in their lives that they’ve had to deal with, and it’s how you choose to deal with your problems that shows others what you’re made of.

Decisions that we make, even small ones, can influence how others perceive us for the rest of our lives. In the professional world, your boss will not magically decrease your workload just because you complain about how much work you have. Life is hard work for everyone. Sitting around whining about things is easy, but pushing through your problems and making the best of a situation, that takes real grit.

So let’s stop all the bitching and moaning and get back to work.

The editorial board is composed of Miles Barnes, Stephanie Villiers and Alexandra Bartick.

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