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by Nanette Jackson
Joe Motohashi, Western junior, Business major with history minor. When I approached him, he was sporting sunglasses and a smoking cigarette in hand. Being originally from England, he said he likes to dress formally. “People here, if guys dress nice, they might be, ya know, said as gay. But in England, if you don't care about clothes, you might be awkward.”    
by Nanette Jackson
    Erica Kutz, Western senior, Graphic Design major,minor in environmental studies. “Pretty much everything I’m wearing is second hand except for my shoes. And I made this jacket [design],” Kutz said, “and then I just have this old backpack made out of old bike materials.” by Nanette Jackson When searching for where her inspiration comes from, Kutz smiled and thought. “I guess European styles like Northern European like Germany and Amsterdam and that kind of stuff. I’m just kind of fascinated with that part of the world.” But when it really came down to the simple fundamentals of her style she said that her style is really relaxed. “It’s anything I can ride a bike in or sweat my pits out in,” Kutz said.  
by Nanette Jackson
Elva Nitereka, Western Junior, Human Services major, Education minor. Nitereka said she got her clothes from stores such as Aldo, H&M, and a local store downtown. Nitereka said that she gets her inspiration from beautiful black women on Tumblr and definitely feels like her style has changed since she’s come to Western. “Maybe my freshman year? I dressed like I went to church everyday,” Nitereka said. Some of the biggest factors on how she dresses is her mood and the weather.

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