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Viking Voices: What would you like to see the AS Board tackle next school year?

Western students asked about areas where they believe the AS Board should improve

By Brendan Prior

A portrait of Hunter Flick // Courtesy of Hunter Flick

“I think I would like the board to tackle the issue of food sustainability, where food revolves around what is grown on campus. I believe it is important because I am a little paranoid, so if anything does happen, the school will have that resource there for the students and surrounding community, while still being able to ship things in as well.”

-Hunter Flick, incoming first-year, English major

A portrait of Lane Burke // Courtesy of Lane Burke

“Getting more funding for the school employees. I work in the theatre shop building the sets for the plays. I have to compete against my co-workers to get more hours because theatre is only given a certain amount of money for all the employees for the quarter. If we had more funding then we could work more hours and make more money.”

-Lane Burke, second-year, theatre major

A portrait of Silvia Leija // Courtesy of Silvia Leija

“After everything that has happened this school year, I think the AS board will really have to work with their respective areas of the administration for some kind of accountability. A lot of students are suffering due to lack of housing and lack of funds which is nothing new, but it’s become painfully obvious during the pandemic. Student groups across campus are going to want to organize after this to tackle a lot of the inequalities that the pandemic made obvious and the AS Board is going to be integral when it comes to supporting those demands.”

-Silvia Leija, second- year, interdisciplinary studies concentration,

A portrait of Yuki Saburi // Courtesy of Yuki Saburi

“Maybe finding a way to get everyone comfortably reintegrated back to life on campus. With this pandemic things will be different and we should try to not let our circumstances now dictate how we live our lives in the future”

-Yuki Saburi, first-year, kinesiology major 


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