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“Glass” film review

By Aiden Wiess

When M. Night Shyamalan’s 2017 hit movie “Split” included a cameo by Bruce Willis’ David Dunn (a character previously seen in Shyamalan’s “Unbreakable”), fans of both movies went wild with speculations as to what this meant.

No one could have guessed that this cameo would not only make “Split” a secret sequel to 2000’s “Unbreakable,” but it would also be setting up one of Shyamalan’s greatest and most divisive films to date, “Glass.”

After a number of disappointing movies, Shyamalan has returned to the scene with “Glass,” and it’s 2017 predecessor, “Split.” “Glass” seemingly served as more of a sequel to “Unbreakable” than anything else, but finds its footing in the roots of the franchise with one of Shyamalan’s classic twists. Just as one should expect from a Shyamalan film, the plot takes cleverly placed twists and turns until the films final moments.  

The script was fantastic, but it was nothing without the cast. Returning to lead roles from “Unbreakable” are Bruce Willis and Spencer Treat Clark as David and Joseph Dunn. While the two didn’t necessarily get a lot of screen time, they were both great and to see them both return after almost 20 years added a level of authenticity.

Also returning after a nearly 20 year hiatus is Samuel L. Jackson’s title character, Elijah Prince, or Mr. Glass. Jackson returns to the roll for another charismatic and convincing performance that comes full circle with his first appearance.

The real star of the show is “Split” alum James McAvoy as Patricia, Hedwig and Dennis, just to name of few. McAvoy convincingly portrays 23 completely different personalities before the film has run its course. He stole every scene he was in, whether he was an eight-year-old boy or a manipulative old woman who’s doubting her faith.

Beyond that, Shyamalan yet again demonstrated his cinematography mastery with compelling shots, gripping color palettes and chilling callbacks to the film that started it all.  


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