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An EDM Concert Worth The Drive

Photo by Bianca Lancia

By Bianca Lancia

Have you ever felt the sudden urge to jump up and down and dance to good music? Oh that’s just me? Awkward.

Well, if you do enjoy these things, you might want to keep reading.

If you’re into loud music, fist bumping with strangers and colorful strobe lights then this is the concert for you.

On Tuesday, Jan. 29, I saw MØ, an Electronic Dance Music/Pop Artist from Denmark, perform her tour Forever Neverland at Showbox SoDo in Seattle. I have been a fan of MØ and her edgy, eclectic style for years. Seeing her in person was a surreal experience I will never forget.

She performed for a solid two hours, with back to back hits. Her stage presence is seriously infectious. She had off the charts energy the entire time, and her Danish accent is the cutest thing. She was constantly jumping around, moving through the crowd, touching hands and to top it off she crowd surfed during “Final Song.” What a perfect finale.

If you enjoy EDM or indie pop, I highly recommend seeing MØ in concert, you won’t regret it. I honestly didn’t want the concert to end. I felt like she truly made an effort to connect with the audience the whole time, and her dance moves were so fun. She had this attitude like she didn’t care what anyone thought of her. She was having the time of her life on stage and we were just there to watch.

Not only are her songs super catchy and fun to sing along to, they really connect with me on a personal level. If you listen to any of the lyrics, you would understand what I mean. Her songs focus on relationships, struggling with mental illness and just never wanting to grow up.

She performed basically all my favorite songs, like “Blur,” “Way Down,” “Nostalgia,” “Kamikaze” and many more. She is just as good live as she is on Spotify. I was so impressed.

I wanted MØre of MØ as soon as it was over.

She said something towards the end of the concert that really struck me, “I love that I don’t know any of you personally, yet we can all be here together listening to the same music.”

I thought that was a beautiful insight. Personally, this is what I love about music. It brings people together, rather than tearing them apart.

I think our world needs this more than ever right now.  


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