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Netflix Night: “We Need to Talk About Kevin”

Released in 2011, “We Need to Talk About Kevin” is a British-American psychological thriller-drama. It tells the story of a son who has a peculiarly hostile view of his mom and family at a young age for a whole myriad of convoluted reasons.

Its darkness is masterfully portrayed in the beautiful visuals and excellent cast of characters who manage to pull off these chilling and unforgettable characters.

The three characters who play Kevin throughout the movie are Rock Duer as infant Kevin, Jasper Newell as young Kevin and Ezra Miller who plays Kevin in late high school. Kevin’s mom is played by Tilda Swinton, the Ice Queen from Chronicles of Narnia. They’re perfect in their delivery of different stages in his thinking, with tons of overlay in emotion and mannerisms between ages.

The presentation of Kevin in which society views him as a psychopath, from his emotionless reactions to surprisingly vicious outbreaks, is cleverly contrasted throughout the movie with intimate scenes portraying Kevin’s complex mindset. This approach let the viewers decide for themselves why Kevin is the way he is without giving them too much guidance or answers.

The director, Lynne Ramsay, uses cool tones with splashes of vibrant red scenes that captivate one’s emotions strategically along the plot. For anyone looking to get lost in their own head with some chilling thoughts and beautiful shots, “We Need To Talk About Kevin” will keep a person pondering for days.


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