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Playlist of the Week: Chill hop

Finals is just around the corner which means stress will soon consume us. Thankfully, chill hop is the perfect medicine to sooth our minds. When I’m studying, I generally look to the mix of hip hop beats and the jazz of chill hop to help me focus. This playlist is a mix of fast and slow paced songs that won’t break concentration.

1. “So in Love” by Brock Berringan

This song is simple with the lyrics. The main focus is the beat while the lyrics set the mood of relaxation.

2. “Jazzy” by Emapea

Chill piano riffs supplemented by some hip hop beats.

3.  “Windy Samurai” by DOMINANT

A song with Eastern influence that blends effortlessly with a steady beat of hip-hop piano. The fluid tunes of the Japanese flute and piano jazz take turns as the focus of the song.

4.  ”Lil Syrup” by Oliver

More a hip-hop focused, this song still displays the point of chill hop, which is relaxation. The lyrics don’t overwhelm the listener, but instead it touches emotionally.

5.  ”Ecstacy (Pay the Price)” by Flamingosis

This song has a nostalgic vibe to it with an upbeat tune. A perfect song for a sunny day.

6.  ”Moosa Dawa” by Menti

The trumpet is the centerpiece of this song with very gentle beats and soothing lyric samples.

7. ”I’m Sorry” by Swell

The beats start out low and slow but pick up the pace with some good autotune.

8. ”Coffee & Cigarettes” by Jazzinuf

This upbeat song boosts motivation and puts a smile on your face. The piano combined with slow, deep beats will make your body move side to side.

9.  ”Affection” by Jinsang

Steady beats and gentle guitar in this song are sure to keep you focused.

10. ”Solitude” by Nymano

A song that contains the basics, which are jazzy piano tunes and hip hop beats .

11. ”Where U From” by Emiljo A.C

Intense saxophone coupled with steady beats will make you want to bob your head. The breaks in the song can’t help but build the climax.

12. ”This Girl” by Elijah Who

This makes you reflect on that special someone. Sometimes thinking about those you care for the most helps take the stress of your mind.




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