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Breakside wins the final spot for Lawnstock

Despite the tough competition the band Breakside has had to overcome, they took home the prize of a performance at Lawnstock.

The band members were all smiles as they embraced their friends and family that came to see their performance. Guitarist Emmett Mills celebrated maybe a bit too hard and injured his nose, as it started bleeding during the interview.

Several of the band members have worked as staff at Lawnstock and they were all excited to actually be a part of the festival.

“That was one of my goals since I was a freshman and I was like ‘I really wanna play that before I leave,’” said Breakside bass player Stuart Jackson.

Associated Students Productions was hosting the finale of its Sounds of the Underground competition at the Viking Union Multi-Purpose Room Friday, May 12. There, five bands competed for a spot to perform at this year’s Lawnstock on Western’s campus. The winners of the four previous rounds, Breakside, The Dawn Bombs, Sweaty Already and We Won’t Leave showed up to the finale, along with the winner of a wild card vote, Virgo Virgo.

“I feel so lucky and so blessed to be doing this right now,” said Breakside singer TyIer Markarian. “I love these guys and they are some of the most talented music people in my life that I have ever met. It is a huge honor to play music with them.”

Breakside performs before the packed Underground Coffeehouse crowd./ Photo by Kevin Lake

The performances ranged from punk to funk and the event drew in a crowd. The security crew staffed at the event recorded that around 150 people attended the event, Denton Hymer said.

The wild card vote was a community poll where one of the losers of the previous rounds had a chance to return for the finale. Virgo Virgo won with 246 votes on the Facebook poll.

“So we’re the most popular losers,” said Virgo Virgo member Julian Stefanzick. “But tonight we’re going to be winners.”

Unlike the previous rounds, the winners of the finale were not elected by a crowd vote but by two judges appointed by the ASP.

Breakside ended up winning the competition with their funk and soul inspired performance.


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