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  • I laughed reading this progressive call to arms.
    At this point, it seems ridiculous to think any informed editorial board would present such a naive or mendacious impression of what it means to be able to testify at a public hearing.
    It has been such commonplace for folks to be given the usual 2 or 3 minutes to address some council, commission or committee only be thoroughly ignored to the degree that most people stop bothering to even attend.
    Rarely is there any interaction involved at all. No Q&A or feedback from the politician at all.
    This is how Mayors, council members, commissioners and alike make public meetings with guarantee face-to-face time with politicians just as useless as the sending of an angry email.

    Town halls are different of course but lately they have become orchestrated angry mob stunts used for anti-trump tantrums.

    This editorial is an extension of the same tantrum that seeks to undo or impede the direction the November election approved.
    You aren’t holding any representative to any standard. “Calling them out” at a town hall for daring to have an opposing position that has more substance than the climate crusade is even weaker.

    There has been countless opportunities for a greater spread of information and open dialogue. The petulant left has avoided, obstructed and wasted the opportunities as a means to avoid addressing the information and discussions they do not want to hear.
    It’s easier to chant “climate denier”. It’s also dishonest.

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