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The Woods Coffee celebrates new roastery

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Ceanne Morris, 23, Woods Coffee Roastery Barista, tampers the ground coffee at the grand opening on Saturday, April 16. // Photo by Kirstyn Nyswonger.

Woods Coffee celebrated its new roastery addition on Saturday, April 16, at its location at 813 Lakeway Drive.

The roastery has been open since the middle of March. The grand opening featured tours of and explanations of how the roastery worked.

“We’re doing awesome and we’re super excited about it,” barista Ceanne Morris said. “[We’re] getting some business, it’s really fun, all the baristas love it and the company loves it.”

Woods Coffee has been known as a study spot for students in Bellingham.

“We’re pretty fresh but this is a really great lobby for students to come and hang out and it’s quiet for the most part, so students love it here,” Morris said.

Kayla Duskin, 22, studies at Woods Coffee regularly and said she likes the new addition.

“I think it’s nice, especially since it was under construction for so long, it’s nice to know that there’s a finished product, it’s not just a bunch of noise,” she said.

The different types of coffee beans offered at The new Woods Coffee Roastery. // Photo by Kirstyn Nyswonger.
The different types of coffee beans offered at the new Woods Coffee Roastery. // Photo by Kirstyn Nyswonger.

Duskin also said that she would be coming to Woods Coffee to study more because the addition offers more seating.

Dane Lindell, 22,  also said he studies at Woods Coffee frequently.

“A lot of people I know have an appreciation for things that are done nearby, so if the coffee is roasted here, it would draw in the other students,” he said.

Lindell said that although it’s nice to have a local roastery, having both the roastery as well as the old regular coffee bar in the same location is a little confusing. He said visiting more often will help him get used to it.

Amelia Jones, 21, said she likes the space and loves the lighting. She tries to sit in the roastery rather than the old shop when she goes to study.

“I’ve had a lot of conversations with people who want to check it out, so maybe as word gets around more people will come,” Jones said.

The Woods Coffee Roastery is open 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily and shows how the roasting process works with unique drinks and a coffee brew bar.


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