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Trailblazers: Point Whitehorn

For this week, I went looking for something new that didn’t require a Discover Pass.

Photo by Heather Bates
Photo by Heather Bates

Point Whitehorn is a perfect hike when you are feeling noncommittal but need some outdoors in your life. The highly maintained trail crisscrosses over standing water as it winds through the forested wetlands. Several markers give hikers information about sea life, birds and other creatures they may encounter in this rare forest to sea trail.

Photo by Heather Bates
Photo by Heather Bates

Be aware Point Whitehorn is a nature reserve so no dogs or animals are allowed.

The trail itself is half gravel, half boardwalk. This is one of only a few limited choices for those with asthma or mobility issues. It is mostly flat until you reach the viewpoints, of which there are four. There is a narrow, gravel trail that leads down a steep hillside for those who are so inclined.

Photo by Heather Bates
Photo by Heather Bates

The thing I noticed that made this spot so unique in comparison to my other hikes this quarter was the wildlife. There are birds, squirrels, deer, crabs and all manner of hawks and even bald eagles according to the wildlife information signs near the viewpoints at the trail’s end.

Photo by Heather Bates
Photo by Heather Bates

Parking is plentiful and free. One portable bathroom has been made available for patrons in the parking area.


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