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Western Alumnus’ film “Naturestyle” set for Bellingham premiere

Due to an ample supply of mountains and powder snow, Hokkaido, Japan is known to outdoor enthusiasts as ostensibly one of the best places for skiing and snowboarding in the world.

Filmed over two months in Hokkaido, “Naturestyle” is a film featuring one Western student, one former student and one alumnus among others.   

Coming from a sold-out premiere in Seattle, a Bellingham screening of the movie will take place at Aslan Brewing Company Thursday, Feb. 4.

Part comedy, part documentary, part adventure,”Naturestyle” is different from any movie Western alumnus, producer and director Jeremy Dubs has made before.

Dubs and his friends tackle a unique trip abroad where they eat, ride and experience Hokkaido’s distinct cultural landscape in “Naturestyle.” From dining at a Michelin Star-awarded restaurant to starting a band with a hostel owner, the film tells a story of Dubs and his friends on a unique trip abroad while producing “cool visual content” at the same time, Dubs said.

“It’ll be a good time, having everybody from the ski and snowboard scene together,” Dubs said.

The screening will also help Dubs recuperate financially from the year he spent editing and putting together a movie.

After adding up the time and effort it takes to bring a movie from post-production all the way to a premiere, Dubs said he still has yet to make his money back from the film.

“It’s good to recover later on for all the time I spent doing work just out of passion,” Dubs said. “

This is Dubs’ “passion project.” The rest of the year, he can be found making videos for different real estate agents and businesses.

“My philosophy in life is not to make a bunch of money to do creative stuff,” Dubs said, “I pretty much just work so I can take my one trip a year, like [Japan].”

Pat Haynes, general manager and co-founder of Aslan Brewing Company said he’s a “ski junkie,” snowboarding for the last 20 years of his life. For him, taking on a premiere like this was just another way to support the ski and snowboard community, he said.  

        “Anybody who’s a ski and snowboard and enthusiast would be our demographic,” Haynes said.

        Haynes said Aslan Brewing Company has hosted a handful of premieres and events, mostly nonprofit-focused, however this premiere is a special occasion.

        “It’s kind of been our niche from the get-go,” Haynes said.

        Haynes said they aren’t raising money for any particular cause, and premiere is a way to raise excitement in the ski and snowboard community and keep people hyped for the season.

Dubs said his goal for making the movie was to be able to tell a story of what it’s like to take a trip around the world and to encourage people to do something similar  on their own.

Doors open at 8 p.m. at Aslan Brewing Company for an 8:15 p.m. showing.
The event is all ages. Tickets for “Naturestyle” are $10 and can be purchased at brownpapertickets.com/event/2494201.


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