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Students of Western: Noel Laursen

Noel Laursen“I have always tried to make time for myself before bed and make sure I have relaxation time without social media. Without social media, I feel more in control of my life.”

Meet sophomore Noel Laursen.

Laursen said she is the kind of person who puts her friends and other people before herself.

Next quarter, Laursen said she is planning on taking her first class in the human services major.

“I was told human services is a major in helping people,” Laursen said. “That’s what I want to do.”

Laursen said she hopes to work in adoption and foster care as a social worker someday.

In high school, her friend was in a foster home and didn’t have a supportive family to go home to. As a social worker, she said she wants to make sure children have safe and loving families.

Currently, Laursen is volunteering with “Wyldlife,” a branch of “Young Life” for middle school students. Each week, she meets with seventh-grade students and acts as a mentor. She will mentor this group of students through eighth grade, she said.

Laursen also recently deleted all of her social media accounts. She said she has tried deactivating accounts before but always ended up re-activating everything.

She feels like social media controls how people go about their daily lives. People will take pictures for social media and not pay attention to the events around them, she said.

“I used to have over 600 followers on Instagram and over 1,400 friends on Facebook,” Laursen said. “I didn’t even know that many people.”

Deleting social media has been a commitment, but now she has a lot more free time, she said.

“I’m really out of the loop,” Laursen said. But, she thinks her relationships and life events will be more personal and memorable without social media.


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