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The Front Book Club: Black Butterfly

“This book is everything. This book is for all who are breathing and for all who are no longer here. This book is for you.”

Thus reads the description of “Black Butterfly,” freshman Haley Peter’s favorite book.

Haley Peters

According to GoodReads, “Black Butterfly,” written by Robert M. Drake, is a book of poetry inspired by the death of one of Drake’s brothers.

It’s written for those who have lost someone in death and in life, and is a collection of Drake’s memories and experiences, according to its description.

The poems in the book are about Drake’s emotions, love and modern events, Peters said.

“Black Butterfly” came out this past spring. It’s highly rated by Peters and by readers on Amazon and GoodReads.

“I like the fact it’s raw emotion right there,” Peters said. “When I read it I feel like I’m reading his true words and not something that he had to go through publishers and editing.”

Drake gained popularity after posting typewritten quotes from his poems on his Instagram, before he self-published his first book.

“Black Butterfly” is his fourth of five books, all of which were published this year. His newest book, “A Brilliant Madness” comes out Nov. 9th.

“I would encourage people to read it because it helps to know that other people are feeling the same way that you’re feeling, especially in college,” Peters said.

Black Butterfly






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