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Students of Western: Mahalia Ramage

Mahalia Ramage“Art is a good way to demonstrate a complex thought that you can’t express using words.”Meet freshman Mahalia Ramage.

Ramage said she has been having a hard time deciding between majoring in biology and English. In the end, she said she knows she wants be a teacher.

“My family is very scientific and into developmental biology,” she said. “But in school I’ve found what I really care about is literature and writing.”

Ramage said her favorite thing about literature is finding symbolism. She recalled reading Lord of the Flies in 10th grade and the symbolism behind the conch shell.

In the novel, a conch shell helps bring organization to boys stranded on an island together. It is often alluded to as a symbol of civilization and order. But Ramage had another idea:

“The conch totally symbolizes a woman,” she said giggling.

Outside of school, Ramage said she liked to play violin and draw. She said she really wants to take drawing and story composition classes at Western.

Like literature, Ramage said she also likes to find symbolism in art. She said she would describe herself as weird and likes art because it helps people communicate.

“I’m willing to talk about weird and unique thoughts,” Ramage said. “I won’t judge.”

The cool thing about art, she said, is some people might understand the symbolism but that won’t always be the case. Ramage said different interpretations are a part of understanding art too.


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