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Western students get ready for Halloween

Today is Halloween and many of us have some fun plans for the weekend. I personally was very curious about what everyone was doing this Halloween, because I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing and would like some ideas. Also because there are so many students here at Western and we probably all have a different definition of what to do on Halloween, or as many call it Halloweekend.

So I had the chance to sit down and talk with some students at Western, of all different ages and all different majors to find out the spook on their Halloween plans. They were asked to answer what their costume is, why they chose it, how they made, and what they are doing for Halloween.


Kevin Trang
Kevin Trang Raccon

  • 5th year Senior (one quarter late victory lap)
  • Biology/Anthropology B.S
  • Raccoon, because my costume only costed $5 and times are hard.
  • I plan on going downtown!





Donald James Stauffer

Donald James Stauffer Shaggy

  • Junior
  • Management Information Systems
  • Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I chose it because I already look like him and own a green shirt and khakis.
  • I made it by looking in my closet.
  • I am hoping to go to Ellensburg to hang out with some friends for Halloween.








Masha Szaro

Masha Szaro PSL2

  • Junior
  • My costume this year is Pumpkin Spice Latte, aka PSL. I choose it because, well, I hate Pumpkin Spice Latte and everything that comes with it so I’m going to really embrace the character and be a parody of a typical basic. My roommate is a hat maker so she’s making me a straw-hat and I’ve got a white dress with a Starbucks logo sticker and some tulle as whipped cream.
  • This Halloween I’m going to bar hop with some friends and enjoy the spookiness.





Kristin Olivia Hanson
Kristin Hanson Minnie 1

  • Senior
  • Business management and Spanish double major
  • Minnie Mouse, I chose it because I already had all the stuff so it would be free. I bought the ears in Disney World and I already had polka dot shorts.
  • I am going downtown for Halloween.






Heide Davis

Heide Davis Sailor Moon

  • Junior
  • Sociology major
  • Sailor Moon, I chose it because it because I was obsessed with Sailor Moon as a child, I am going to wear a corset a, tutu, and wear my hair in pigtails.
  • I am going to Freak night in Tacoma.









Colin Bronsdon
Colin Bronsdon

  • Sophomore
  • Politics/ Philosophy/ Economics.
  • I am going to be Netflix and chill, I am going to have a red Netflix shirt. Then I am going to carry around a bag of cotton balls and label it ice. I saw this costume on Instagram and thought it was super funny.
  • I am going to be hanging out with friends and meeting people that I haven’t met yet.








Brandin Tolbert

Brandin Tolbert Dominatrix

  • Junior
  • Sociology major anthropology minor
  • I am going to be a devil dominatrix. To be honest I chose it because it was an easier costume. I already had the majority of the devil pieces, I just need to find the leather and dominatrix side of the costume.
  • For Halloween I am probably just going to be all over the place. A lot of people are hosting events in Bellingham, so I will try my best to make an appearance at the majority of them.


Overall, students at Western have some pretty great costumes and some pretty spooky plans. I look forward to seeing what everyone has to offer this coming Halloween. So, here’s hoping everyone has BOO-tiful evening.


*All images were put together by the author in Photoshop


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