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Night in with Netflix: Iris

“Iris” is a biographical documentary about 93 year old Iris Apfel, who is a fashion and interior design legend. Currently at her prime, the film follows Iris around as she chooses outfits, haggles with clothing dealers, advises models and stars in guest appearances on TV and in runway shows.

Iris is an eclectic character, always wearing gigantic seeing glasses, brightly exaggerated jewelry and over-the-top outfits she bought from all over the world. As an elderly woman, Iris often makes bold and uncalculated statements. At one point she says, “I’m not pretty. I’ll never be pretty. But I’ve got style and that’s much better.”


The documentary was a feel-good movie. It looked back on her unusual life full of travels and unique celebrity experiences, but it also gives viewers a peak into her current state of fame, which is surprisingly far fetched. Designers, artists and fans all clamor to meet and sing their praises to Iris. The whole thing is sprinkled with the humor of a confident elderly woman who knows and loves her place in the world. It’s the perfect film for a night in on your own. While it’s not particularly thrilling, it will make you chuckle and it may even inspire you to go on a little shopping spree.


Rating: 8/10


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