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Relationships in College: Advice for LGBT couples

Planning on a relationship in college? One couple gives advice on staying together, falling in love, being students and the how to juggle it all.

For Noelle Johnson and Leeda Ghassemi, their romance started online. Both seniors at Western, they met on OkCupid when Ghassemi messaged her asking, “What are your favorite childhood shows? And do you like pasta?”


“It was clearly romantic from the get-go,” Ghassemi said

They have been living together for about a year and a half , but are celebrating two years this December. Ghassemi had recently quit her job at McDonalds and Johnson isn’t working, instead focusing her time on her last year at school.

“Everyone should be 100 percent a student in college,” Johnson said. “When you’re living with your significant other you could always be hanging out with them, it’s hard to focus on homework.” However, making time with “date nights” for each other is a definite.

Even after two years together, Ghassemi and Johnson say it’s only gotten better. However, things do evolve in relationships, the butterflies might be gone but they’re comfortable and closer than before “With Noelle, I love her more than when we first met,” Ghassemi said.

Choosing between going out partying with your friends or spending time with your significant other can be difficult for young people in college.

Some people find significant others while flirting at parties, or at bars. For Johnson and Ghassemi they say it is a little different being gay. “You don’t know off the bat if someone is gay,” Johnson said, “So you don’t hit on them,” Ghassemi laughed.

Specifically for LGBT students, Johnson gives sound advice on dating: Don’t be scared to hit on someone and take advantage of the online world, it’s a good resource.

OkCupid, while creating a romance for Noelle and Leeda can also be a great networking tool amongst the LGBT community as well. “We’re all looking for each other to at least hangout with, not even in a romantic way,” Ghassemi said.

Even if you’re just trying to find friends on the online dating world or maybe something more, asking if they like pasta is always a great icebreaker.


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