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The Blog that Bumps: Groovin’ Groups

For this post, I’d like to take the time to appreciate hip-hop and soul groups. I mean, I did grow up with Outkast and the album, Wu-Tang Forever being played.

I really hope you enjoy and don’t forget, turn it up.

The O’MY’S:

Horns, guitar, bass and raspy vocals are all that it takes to create one of the best, new and upcoming soul bands. The O’My’s are Chicago locals and are beginning to take over the scene there and beyond.

I can’t go on until you listen to this EP, in its entirety.

Once again, I’m blowing up Chicago artists, but this time they’re all in the same group. They identify themselves as psychedelic soul and I can’t argue one bit. The moment you play a track, you just want to dance. You may just want to turn it up, and dance like you’re at Soul Night at the Green Frog.

Members of the this group consist of, Maceo Haymes on lead vocals/guitar, Nick Hennessey on keys/vocals, Boyang Matsapola on bass/vocals, Erick Mateo on sax/vocals, Will Miller on trumpet/vocals and Barron Golden on drums/vocals.

These guys have actually worked with a few artists that I’ve mentioned before, Chance the Rapper, Ab Soul, NoName Gypsy and Mick Jenkins.


The Internet is a group that is full of the smooth beats, and melodic vocals that get you stuck in the head-bob. Their newest album, Ego Death has just released a month ago, and you turn it on and turn it up. Especially with these hazy, pastel colored nights, it’s one to just let play.

Syd Bennett, Matthew Martin, Patrick Paige II, Christopher Allan Smith, Jameel Bruner and Steve Lacy. Syd and Matt started it all with Syd’s background is full of recording, producing and singing and Matt’s background in production.

The Internet began from the infamous Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, though they had started their own band in 2011. They have released a total of two albums, Purple Naked Ladies in 2011, Feel Good in 2012 and Ego Death early this summer. The group is compiled of members from Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Here’s another track from their newest album featuring one of the best producers in the game right now Kaytranada:

Either way, listen to these guys. At the bare minimum, you’ll be seduced by Syds vocals.



Not to be confused as a music group, per se, the next tracks I want to share are from one of my favorite documentaries ever, “Take Me to the River.” The tracks that came from this film were produced and played by a variety of players throughout the game.

Released almost a year ago, this film begins to discuss the music scene around Stax records and throughout Memphis. 

The film shows the process of the soundtrack being made for the film, with artists like William Bell, Snoop Doff, Mavis Staples, Otis Clay, Terrence Howard and many others.

This film took me back because it so was rich with music and history. The moment I heard the soundtrack, I could take it off of repeat.

If you have the chance, please take the time to watch this film, “Take me to the River.”


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