• Glad to see so much support for an event that should have reached this school a looong time ago, peace and love ♥️

  • Great demonstration. Peaceful and informative. Campus police should provide due diligence before attempting to shut down a demonstration that they had prior approval to do and should not intervene/interact with the participants or spectators, very distracting. Over 50 students and faculty actively expressed gratitude and interest in the demonstration.

  • All animals are taken to horrific slaugtherhouses, driven there by trucks, there are no ethical ways to kill and eat animals, this includes dairy….there is no respect or care for these animals…..and everywere it seems there is a lot of abuse involved….we need to wake up and go plantbased.

  • Such an important message to bring to the public. Bravo Anonymous for the Voiceless for speaking for the animals whose voices can’t be heard behind those walls!

  • It’s so heartening to find out that demonstrations on powerful subjects can be peacefully and intelligently brought to the community. This article also was well crafted to bring various voices out in the open for the many who could not experience this event first hand.

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