• Just visited campus this past weekend and noticed that the bricks look to have more dips and slopes creating much bigger rain puddles than tripping bricks yet I do definnitely recall stubbing many a tennis shoe back in the ’80’s.

  • As someone who did plenty of tripping on Western’s bricks (it was the ’70s and we were tripping everywhere…), I can assure Professor Linneman that the problem existed far earlier than the advent of the smartphone.

    But your new shoes are worn at the heels
    And your suntan does rapidly peel
    And your wise men don’t know how it feels
    To be thick as a brick

  • Is this an ongoing, decades old problem? I mean, there have always been bricks on campus, even in the olden days of the 1970s. This didn’t seem to be a topic of concern back then. It does seem that distraction could be the issue here.

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