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  • This is completely idiotic. People ALREADY carry concealed on campus! The entire point of concealed carry is that it’s concealed and therefore not known about! Banning it does nothing! Campus doesnt have a wall around it with guards checking people at every entrance. There is a public road running through campus and many non-students live in homes across the street from the school. Nothing prevents these people from owning guns and many of them do. Nothing prevents these people or others from walking on campus with their guns, especially if the guns are concealed. What’s more, the campus police and Western Alerts are notoriously slow to react danger and any other issues. Banning concealed carry doesn’t make anything safer. It just leaves potential victims vulnerable and defenseless. This is especially true for marginalized peoples which already are at a greater risk of falling victim to violence. We should be defending them and empowering them not leaving them defenseless. I imagine none of this will resonate with you though since you seem more concerned with establishing the illusion of a safe space rather than an actual safe space.

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